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7 Steps to Behaviour Management in the Classroom

A 7 session online course to help you put in place or update the foundations of your classroom management skills

Classroom behaviour management course

Our founder, leading behaviour expert Richard Daniel Curtis was a struggling classroom teacher with poor classroom mangement skills and struggling to cope with the behaviour he was faced with on a daily basis.

Rather than let it continue, Richard decided to leave and gain a better understanding.  He went to work in a unit for children excluded from school.  Within weeks he was placed in charge and went on to work for a local authority, working with over 200 schools, all based on the 7 steps he learned whilst he ran the unit.

The 7 steps are the key things that confident teachers put in place without even realising they are doing it, they form the foundation for being able to deal with challenging behaviour and non-compliance in a calm, planned way.

In this 7 session programme you will learn:

  • the things you must have on your classroom wall;

  • the things you need to have set up to reduce the time you spend telling pupils off;

  • the psychology of classroom management;

  • how to use the class to help you manage behaviour;

  • the strategies that will help the kids to love your teaching, whilst still maintaining control;

  • the one simple thing that will dramatically change your relationship with your pupils.


Your investment in this insightful course is only £79.

The course covers:

  • group identity in the classroom;

  • the change process;

  • setting up basic classroom rules;

  • getting pupil buy-in to class rules;

  • the importance of visual timetables in lesson and throughout the day;

  • making transparent decisions about behaviour;

  • making reasonable behaviour adjustments;

  • explaining behaviour management decisions to other children;

  • brain development introduction;

  • automatic brain reactions to threat;

  • establishing trust and security in the classroom;

  • understanding your beliefs, motivation and buttons;

  • understanding how they affect your reactions to behaviour;

  • the elements of engaging lessons;

  • using engaging lessons to manage behaviour.

This career changing information is covered in the 7 modules on this course, all for just £79.

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