The National Educational Leaders in Mental Health Award

A programme for heads, senior leaders and local authorities on meeting mental health needs of their staff (and a bit on pupils)

Mental Health Awareness Programme small.

Social, emotional and mental health difficulties in our staff and pupils are on the rise and getting more complex. Life as a teacher and education leader has changed enormously over the past few years.


From a leadership perspective, the needs of your staff have changed enormously and the way you lead has had to adapt too.

At the same time, the mental health and wellbeing needs of your staff has become more of a priority and employers are being expected to provide far more pastoral support for staff than ever before.

These things combined, mean that even for the most inclusive school, the provision, ethos and culture need to change to meet these needs.

Now, national specialists in mental health., social and emotional support, The Root Of It, are delighted to lead a national Programme to offer certified courses to recognise advanced leadership skills in schools, colleges, academy trusts, virtual schools and local authorities.

The Mental Health Awareness Programme - Education Leaders combines taught/facilitated sessions with self-studied units and homework activities to implement the learning in their workplace. For those who remember in the National Programme of Specialist Leaders in Behaviour and Attendance, this course is delivered in a similar way.

The Programme is designed to help school, college or local authority staff reflect on their culture, values and ethos, undertaking an audit of their situation and action planning to address the needs of their staff (and in turn their pupils).

Who is it aimed at?

The Programme currently is aimed at Headteachers, or school leaders, and local authority staff.  Middle leaders and aspiring leaders are welcome to join the course, however, be advised the course is aimed at strategic leadership.

Regional options

The Programme covers all four countries in the UK, and is suitable for curricula based on the UK education system as the Programme is based on meeting the mental health needs of staff. The programme is available in English, if you require the programme in a different language please contact us for details.


The Programme consists of core modules everyone is required to complete, but this is complemented by self-study and workplace activities that you select for your setting.  This means the Programme can be customised to meet the needs of local authority staff, alternative or specialist settings, in addition to mainstream education.


Online route

12 monthly online sessions, follow-up homework and self-studied units. Monthly online sessions are on either a Sunday or Tuesday evening (UK time), you will need to attend at least 9 (2 in September, none in August). Sign up by clicking the booking link below.

In-person route (regional courses, group bookings or delivered by our local partners)

Three full days over a year, follow-up homework and self-studied units. If you think your local area would particpate in a group course, please contact us, or book a place on our central course in London by clicking the booking link below.

Course content

Facilitated sessions:

Leadership in Mental Health, policy & action planning

Values and beliefs

Exploring reactions & unconscious bias

Emotional intelligence & reflective practice

Ethos and Values

Common Mental Health Difficulties

Managing the Mental Health Lead

In addition, participants will study one factor affecting social, emotional and mental health, plus three of the following self-study topics:


Multi-disciplinary working

Support for staff

Involving parents or young people

Disabilities and medical conditions

Mental health difficulties

Social and emotional conditions


Mental wellbeing

You will need to be able to commit to approximately 1-2 hours a week for 11-12 months.

Request a copy of the Welcome Workbook below to see some of the content of the course and the prereading.

What is the outcome?

Aside from auditing and checking your mental health provision for staff and pupils, participants submit a portfolio to gain the National Educational Leaders in Mental Health certificate.


Price - Only £1100 + VAT

EARLY BIRD PRICING for London March course:

January = £800 + VAT, February = £950 + VAT

Option to pay over two years available for schools in exceptional circumstances (cannot be used with other offers).

To sign up, please follow either the invoice or card option buttons below. You will then be emailed for your choice of cohort.

Train the Trainer - Initial training 3 days £1900 per trainer, Annual accreditation £800 (includes an update day), fee per participant £350 - Train just 3 people to cover your costs! Download a leafelt here.

If you have any questions about what this course could mean for you, or you are interested in delivering the course for us, please contact the Programme Director, Richard Curtis on or 07938 329314.