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Are you worried about consistency amongst staff when it comes to behaviour?

Do you want your staff to know about common mental health problems?


Do you know how to make sure the rules, rewards and consequences in your school are applied in every classroom?


Do your staff all understand the 3 types of attachment difficulties, or how to work with autism or ADHD?

Are you concerned about the cost of getting certified training for all of your staff?

My name is Richard Daniel Curtis (no, not that one, the other one), founder of The Root Of It.

The service was set up in 2013 to help people get to the root of children's difficulties. Based on my experience teaching with hundreds of schools across the country, I recognise the need

Introducing our brand new Primary and Secondary eLearning portal

Training for teachers and support staff without leaving your building

Online support and short courses for all of your staff, allowing them to attend courses that make a difference to your young people, without leaving the building.

Delivered to you by a multi-award winning behaviour expert, this website allows you to add each member of staff and let them work through different courses, confirm their learning by completing a quiz to allow them to download a completion certificate for each.



The Root Of It, as seen on:


The device-friendly site, allows users to complete the following courses and download certificates for their portfolio.

​Delivered in 10 minute chunks, no need to close your setting or pay for cover, you can timetable in short breaks for all of your staff to access the learning.

Including courses on:

  • Mental Health Awareness - learn about the six most common types of mental health conditions and the basic things staff can do to provide low-level support (4 modules, approximately 45 minutes)

  • Attachment Difficulties - understand the 4 types of attachment and the simple things that can be done in the classroom to help children overcome some of those difficulties (especially useful for those with children in care) (5 modules, approximately 60 minutes)

  • Behaviour management - learn the 7 aspects to behaviour management that every teachers should consider in their classroom management and the way they are organised (7 modules, approximately 70 minutes)

  • Brain development - understand the changes in the wiring in the brain during early childhood and puberty (3 modules, approximately 30 minutes)

  • Social development - recognise the stages of social development and understand what you can do to help children overcome some of their difficulties (5 modules, approximately 50 minutes)

  • Emotional development - learn the one thing that many emotional literacy interventions get wrong, plus the key milestones that need to be taught to young people with emotional difficulties (4 modules, approximately 40 minutes)

  • Play development - understand the 4 stages of play development and how that affects children and teenagers (5 modules, approximately 50 minutes)

  • Autism Awareness - learn about the 5 areas of difficulty associated with autistic spectrum conditions (3 modules, approximately 30 minutes)

  • ADHD Awareness - understand the 3 types of symptoms and how you can manage them in the classroom (3 modules, approximately 30 minutes)

That's a massive £282 worth of training for every member of your staff!








Designed to be perfect for the busy school, each course is split into 4-6 10 minute videos, allowing leaders to plan in short amounts of time for their staff to receive CPD without taking them away from the school for long periods of time...



This offer is 100% genuinely great value for money, we are even receiving emails asking us to confirm this amazing offer!



Priced at a low cost per member of staff (for all £282 worth of training for every member of staff, plus online support and downloadable resources):

1-19 staff, single site

BOOK NOW for £24 per month

20-39 staff, single site

BOOK NOW for £49 per month

40-79 staff, single site

BOOK NOW for £79 per month

Unlimited staff on one site

BOOK NOW for £199 per month



All prices exclude VAT

To pay by invoice, please email

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