Peer Mentoring Courses

There are many benefits to helping children and young people in education mentoring their peers for both the mentors and the mentees, including:

  • being mentored by someone of a similar age who understands what you are going through;

  • talking to someone independent from the situation;

  • developing confidence and communication skills;

  • developing listening skills;

  • develops problem solving skills;

  • encourages reflection;

  • teaches skills for the workplace.


The Root Of It offers a half-day course to organisations, schools and settings to train them to deliver the 8 module Peer Mentoring Course.  There are variants of the course for primary and secondary schools, and for young adults.


Young people attending the course will need to complete a section of the course workbook after each module and return this to the organisation delivering the course for marking and award of the certificate.


The course covers:


  • What is peer mentoring

  • Introducing the course

  • Special considerations

  • Different models


The framework allows you to deliver a high quality peer mentoring programme, but tailor it for your setting. covers:


Self-certification route

The training for each member of staff costs £300 + VAT and includes the Peer Mentoring Scheme of Work and there is an annual fee of £350 + VAT.


Further workbooks can be ordered when you need them from for £20 each. Schools, colleges, universities or organisations issue their own certificates.

Level 2 Award in Peer Mentoring

If you really want to give your students the best, then we can provider a Level 2 qualification from Open Awards. The qualification costs comprise of centre registration at £150, Trainer training £400, annual fee £425. The learner fees are then £64 and £30 for the assessment.


If you are interested in delivering this course in your setting email us at