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Do you have difficulty getting work with local schools?

As a company that spends much of its time working in schools, we know that selling to them can be a struggle. Even though they’re a valuable market to tap into, sometimes it just doesn’t feel like it’s worth the time or effort.


 We know that it’s frustrating, especially with school budgets getting ever tighter, coupled with the fact that many companies are having to up their prices. Marketing and selling to schools can feel like a losing battle.


We know that plumbers know this struggle just as well as we do, and we’re dedicated to making your job easier.


So what if we could put your company directly in front of schools in Hampshire that need plumbers, display your information to them, and let you contact them directly all through one website?


We are putting together a Services for Schools Directory, starting in Hampshire before expanding to the rest of the country. Schools will be able to search for your services, find out about your business, see all your relevant checks and information, organise to work with you, and leave you glowing reviews afterwards.


The site will launch fully in September, but if you register your interest now you’ll get your membership half-price!


Fill out the form below to register your interest and get notified when the directory launches.

Thanks for registering your interest!

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