Advanced Social, Emotional and Mental Health Training

Professional development for teaching assistants, family workers and support staff

Social, emotional and mental health difficulties in our pupils have changed over the last few years, thankfully, so has our understanding of the behaviour problems concerning educators.

This course has been developed to train family workers, teaching assistants and Learning Mentors the different forms of social, emotional and mental health difficulties, understand some of the causes, approaches and strategies they can take.

The course is delivered for groups over two days, or by seven online monthly workshops (evenings). It can be followed up by an optional portfolio to work towards a proposed qualification.


· About you and your role

· The nature of behaviour

· The adult’s impact on a child’s behaviour

· Individual behaviour management plans

· Factors affecting social, emotional and mental health

· Causes of behaviour difficulties

· Autism


· Attachment difficulties

· Common mental health problems

Online training costs £500 + VAT (total £600) or £50 a month for 12 months and includes complimentary access to an online support group for practitioners.


In-person training costs just £650 + VAT (total £780) and includes complimentary ongoing access to the support group.

If you have any questions about what this course could mean for you, please contact Richard on


           Call us today: +44 2381 120010

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