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Practitioner Mentor for Children or Young People in Primary, Secondary or FE

A national course for mainstream teachers, SENDCos, teaching assistants and learning mentors

Social, emotional and mental health difficulties in our pupils have changed over the last few years, thankfully, so has our understanding of the behaviour problems concerning educators.

This course has been developed to train teachers, SENDCos, teaching assistants and Learning Mentors how to assess, plan and provide individual or group interventions for social, emotional, mental health and behaviour difficulties.


Delivered to over 1% of schools in the country, there are versions for primary school staff or for those in secondary and further education.

The courses complement the work of Nurture Groups, ELSA and Mental Health First Aiders by giving staff the tools to be able to work with more students across the school or college, leaving those at the high end to receive the more intensive support. Course contents are also suitable for updated Learning Mentor training, exceeding the training under the old UK scheme.

We are so proud of this course, that the Programme is registered as a Level 3 qualification.


"I thoroughly recommend this course, the tools and tricks we learnt from the tutor are invaluable in structuring and adding real value to the work I do with the children. Thank you for helping me have the impact that I can with children!"
Ali Weedon


The course is delivered over 3 days in-person, or via our online portal (so you can study in your own time). This then followed by a series of questions making up a portfolio. This can be based on applying the learning in practice, or using our case studies to complete it hypothetically.


You and your situation
What is a Children’s or Young Person's Mentor?
Barriers to learning and overcoming them
Learning approaches
Managing emotions
Preparation for the next stages of life
Supporting special needs
Planning an individual intervention
Planning a group intervention
Involving parents and carers
Involving children and young people
Involving other staff
Supporting social, emotional and mental health
Setting up a referral system
Monitoring outcomes of an intervention
Bringing it all together

Self-studied units towards the qualification:

Study of an individual intervention

Study of a group intervention

Reflection of your own learning

Reading list

Activity Log

Download a Primary School leaflet.

Download a Secondary and FE leaflet.

Places cost just £700 + VAT and includes complimentary ongoing access to a support group.

If you have any questions about what this course could mean for you, please contact Richard on