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Supervision for leaders and those in emotionally demanding roles

Offering regular, non-judgemental online support to make people more efficient.

The Root Of It offer online supervision for senior leaders, those working in emotionally demanding roles or those working with young people experiencing social, emotional and mental health difficulties.

There is an increasing need to risk assess the emotional and mental health impact of supporting or mentoring others. Many people in our employ are handling complex or challenging needs.

Supervision has been linked to:

  • job satisfaction,

  • higher retention levels,

  • reduced turnover of staff,

  • increased effectiveness,

  • increased feeling of support, and

  • improved commitment to an organisation's goals and visions.

Supervision is an agenda-free non-management safe conversation where a person can talk through their work or caseload. It is recommended for mentors and those supporting vulnerable young people, and is beneficial for leaders in any organisation.

It can be expensive to get supervision provided in your setting, you often need to schedule a set day and then organise release for staff to attend their supervision sessions. This is why we have developed an online system for providing supervision when you want to access it. This means you do not need to block book a professional, your staff can access 30 minutes of supervision at a time that works for them.

Simply pre-purchase your credits and then provide your staff with the link for booking their supervision. They book sessions to suit them and the credits are deducted from your account. Your Business Manager can then top up your account as and when needed.



1 credit

A 30-minute session with a trained member of the team to help frontline staff to problem-solve, manage their emotions and discuss complex cases. 

Supervision for leaders

2 credits

A confidential 45-minute session for strategic and executive leaders with a member of the team with both school leadership and local authority experience.

Social, emotional and mental health consultations

3 credits

As opposed to supervision, consultations are undertaken with an expert in the field in order to understand a particular difficulty and suggest/discuss strategies.


1 credit £50 + VAT

10 credits £450 + VAT

20 credits £850 + VAT

50 credits £2,000 + VAT


BUY CREDITS (card purchase via TKC Ltd) or email to receive an invoice.

Get in touch to find out how supervision could work for you.

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