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The Root Of It

Because everyone deserves to know about the barriers holding them back.

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The Root Of It is a high-quality independent consultancy and training organisation. We equip organisations and individuals with practical knowledge and skills for helping overcome barriers and supporting wellbeing. 

Since being established in 2013 The Root Of It has influenced the lives of millions and delivered training programmes all across the UK, helping people to recognise the underlying causes of the difficulties that they are facing. The organisation is run by an internationally renowned expert and author, Richard Daniel Curtis.

The Root Of It exists to 

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Promote inclusion
Train inclusion skills
Help others to understand the causes of barriers or difficulties
Equip the disadvantaged
We do this through

We are committed to helping learners to find the right course at the right time to ensure their personal development.

Our awards

If you are interested in our work, we would be happy to get in touch with you! We can help you to help yourself and others! 

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