The Root Of It

Because everyone deserves to know about the barriers holding them back.

Welcome to the home of high-quality independent training in mental health and employment skills.

The Root Of It exists to help people get to the root of difficulties and overcome them.

To do this we:

  • Help promote inclusion in all its forms;

  • Train inclusion skills to increase engagement and inclusion and reduce disengagement;

  • Help others understand factors causing difficulties, such as employability skills, mental health problems, diversity, disability or even internal barriers holding them back;

  • To specifically help the inclusion of those made redundant, the unemployed or vulnerable, those with special needs, the disabled, the excluded or those not yet reached.

We do this by:

  • Providing consultancy, advice and guidance;

  • Delivering training courses;

  • Delivering training for mentors to help mentees overcome barriers they are facing;

  • Delivering train the trainer courses to help partner organisations deliver our programmes to their clients.

Our accredited Information, Advice and Guidance aims to ensure we have the right learner, on the right course, at the right time (to help them with their career progression or personal development).

Our brands are:

We also run two national awards:

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           Call us today: +44 2381 120010

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