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Our brands

The Root Of It have various brands each addressing the needs of a specific group of people.  Learn more about each brand below and find the most suitable for you

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National Network of Mental Health Leads is the UK body for Mental Health and Wellbeing Leads and a DfE approved provider of Senior Mental Health Lead training. We care about the wellbeing of the people you work with and exist to support you in your role. We believe that mental health leads need local insight and support.


The Mental Health Shows are in-person and online shows related to mental health in different sectors, such as education, the public sector or workplaces.


The Mentoring School are international experts in the delivery of specialist mentoring programmes, teaching the necessary skills to be a qualified mentor. We deliver online and in-person mentor programmes at a range of different levels designed for employers, educational institutions, training providers, governments and entities from other sectors.


Skills for Progress offers short courses and qualifications for those who want to progress in their career, gain new skills or increase confidence in their abilities. Whether you are employed or not, the Skills for Progress team will find the most suitable course for you.


The Mental Health and Wellbeing Awards is a celebration of successful interventions and inspirational stories of people who have experienced recovery. Schools, organisations and individuals have been awarded for their relentless work toward making a difference in their communities. 


The National Special Educational Needs and Disabilities Awards celebrate the most inclusive practice for young people in schools, colleges, educational settings and employment across the UK. 

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The Mental Health Awareness Programme helps employers meet their legal and ethical obligations by addressing knowledge, skills and culture through training packages. We offer qualification for leaders who are committed to  mental health awareness in the workplace.

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