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Are these issues affecting social, emotional and behavioural problems in your school?


School budgets have reduced, teachers' wages have increased, schools across the country are loosing staff to try and survive.


Educational Psychology teams, behaviour advisers and Child and Adolescent Mental Health Services have raised their thresholds through the ceiling, stopped providing support or only met statutory requirements.



Schools report that children coming through have more complex needs and traditional behavioural approaches are having little effect.

Wasted money

How many professionals have you paid to visit, observe a child, write a report and still be no further forward. Just why would schools spent their money on this?


Introducing a new way of accessing support without costing a fortune for no result.

Low-cost behaviour advice for primary and secondary schools

In these times of austerity, can you be affording to pay upwards of £500 for a consultation which tells you nothing?

Introducing a new way of accessing the support your staff need and you cannot access through the statutory services, without bankrupting your school.

The services that your young people and staff need, which used to be available for free, are no longer there. Children are coming through with more complex needs and you need the services more than ever.

Getting a consultant in costs a lot and you wait a long time for an appointment.

So why not consider a new way of accessing the support without having to  sign up for days’ worth of time to make it cheaper.


Members of staff (leadership, teaching or support) can access the school's account to access behaviour advice or training when required. Online consultations are offered on a same day or next day basis. Staff meetings can be booked and delivered live via video conferencing, or there are a selection of pre-recorded ones available.

Schools can register for their account for free using the form below. They can then add credits to their account on a Pay As You Go or Bank them (credits are valid for one academic year).

It's like having your own on-site expert, without the cost


Guaranteed advice via video calls as and when you need them.


Sessions for leadership, teaching and support staff.


Emotional and wellbeing support for staff in intensive and high-risk roles.


Live or prerecorded staff meetings.



4 credits

(additional 2 credits if paperwork review required)

A consultation with a member of your staff about a child or young person, a whole class or group. Guaranteed—credit is refunded if we are unable to recommend strategies not used before.  Consultations include an action plan



2 credits

Suitable for students, newly qualified staff or more experienced staff to help develop their skills  or practice. Guaranteed—credit is refunded if the mentee does not have an action plan.


1 credit

Clinical supervision for those in emotionally intense high-risk roles. Suitable for SENCOs, Pastoral Staff, Family Liaison Staff, Learning Mentors, Nurture Group Staff and more.



8 credits

A review of the paperwork and application against your local thresholds for EHCP assessment. Undertaken by a former member of the consideration panel.



Pre-recorded 4 credits

Live 8 credits

A staff meeting delivered by webcam, live staff meetings include Q&As. Can chose to play a pre-recorded staff meeting.

Topics include:

  • Classroom behaviour management

  • Attachment

  • Low-level mental health

  • Brain development

  • Behaviour problems

  • De-escalation

  • Assessing social and emotional difficulties


Registration FREE


1 Credit       £35

4 Credits     £134


Monthly 4 Credit package £120 per month

Monthly 16 credit package £390 per month

(payment due each month excluding August)

Prices exclude 20% UK VAT.

Credits are valid for one academic year.

This service does not replace statutory duties. If a young person is in danger, normal procedures should always be followed.

Our prices mean you can save over 80% of the cost of an unnecessary consultation and report.

The first 500 schools to sign up will be entered into a draw to win 2 free credits!

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