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Confident Behaviour Courses

Helping your staff deliver a 6 week course to parents and carers

Multi-award winning school support service, The Root Of It, are proud to offer training for school-based staff to help them deliver the six week Confident Behaviour programme for parents and carers.

The training is a three hour course to enable staff to deliver the six conversational sessions in building parental confidence when it comes to tackling behaviour in the home.


The training covers:

  • What the outcomes of the scheme of work are;

  • Overview of the session plans and contents;

  • Ways of engaging parents in attending the course;

  • Personalising the course for your setting.


We also include in the cost of the course sessions plans, teaching resources and printed handouts for 25 parents and carers (more can be ordered if required) to use the materials for only £275 + VAT!


The six sessions are:

  • Being positive in the home

  • Key early learning experiences

  • Family routines

  • Friendships and stages of play

  • Positive parenting

  • What have we learnt?

Working in partnership with parents
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