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Mental Health training for Governing Bodies


There is an increasingly complex range of mental health needs in the modern world, with both young people and educational staff experiencing difficulties.  The pressure on schools is immense - demands and expectations are coming in from the Department for Education, Public Health amongst others.

It can be hard for Governing Bodies to access training to support them with having oversight of the mental health and wellbeing of both the pupils and staff.

The Root Of It, experts in mental health, offer two solutions:

  • The Mental Health Awareness Programme for Governors

  • Mental Health Awareness training for Governing Bodies

We are able to come and deliver both of these for a group of schools.

Mental Health Awareness Programme for Governors

Being the Governor responsible for oversight of mental health and wellbeing in an educational setting is a unique challenge.  Not only do you need to monitor the mental health needs of the pupil population, you also have the staff to consider. Combine that with also keeping an eye on the senior staff's wellbeing, its a difficult role.

We recognise that there is no training for this demanding role, and so as part of the Mental Health Awareness Programme we are delighted to offer a two-day course to meet this need.  The course is delivered centrally, with a gap of a term between the two days, or online over 6 monthly 90 minute webinars.

The Programme covers:

  • Expectations of Governing Bodies

  • Requirements of educational settings

  • Staff wellbeing

  • Pupil wellbeing

  • Common mental health difficulties

Each module is delivered through discussion-based activities. There are then follow-up activities for your Governors to do between the Programme days to ensure there is immediate impact.

In addition, participants choose 2 modules to self-study to develop the knowledge and skills relevant to their setting:

  • Multi-disciplinary working

  • Voice of the student

  • Voice of staff

  • Partnership with parents

  • Support for students

  • Support for staff

  • Disabilities and medical conditions

  • Mental health difficulties

  • Mental wellbeing

The Programme costs £800 + VAT per person, with central courses held around the UK or online courses (6 monthly 90 minute webinars).  We also deliver this Programme to cohorts from a trust or a cluster of schools.

To find out how this programme fits in with your needs, please contact the Programme Director, Richard Curtis on 07938 329314 or

Mental Health Awareness Training for Governing Bodies

Delivered as an online modular course, or in-person one-day course, this universal training course is designed to give Governing Bodies an insite into the common mental health conditions they are likely to encounter and some simple do's and don'ts about approaching this sensitive issue.

Can be used to compliment implementation of the Mental Health Aware Programme, or as a stand-alone offer.

Pricing depends on numbers accessing the training, for example for up to 10 Governors, in-person training costs £850 + VAT + travel/accomodation. Please contact Richard Curtis on 07938 329314 or

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