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Successfully Managing Anger Course

The Root Of It are proud to offer courses to train people working with children who struggle to control their anger.  Designed for colleagues working in schools, the 3 hour course is also suitable for those who regularly work with children in other settings.


The Successfully Managing Anger Scheme of Work, included in the costs of the course, features simple explanations and activities to translate complicated anger management, into simple and applicable terms that the children can understand.


The course guides practitioners through the delivery of the 10 unit intervention.


The Scheme of Work, which all course delegates receive a copy of, guide teacher and pupil through:


Unit 1 – Anger is natural

Unit 2 – Anger and aggression

Unit 3 – What anger feels like

Unit 4 – Unsafe ways of dealing with anger

Unit 5 – Consequences of not dealing with anger

Unit 6 – Causes of anger

Unit 7 – People you can talk to

Unit 8 – Choices when you are angry

Unit 9 – Calming down

Unit 10 – What you’ve learnt


The course explores how to adapt the scheme of work to different children and potentially groups. The course also gives guidance on further activities that could be included in the work to ensure engagement with young people.


All delegates will be given a pack of The Root Of It “Bean Cards”, a set of Bean character cards showing different emotions.  These are used as part of the Successfully Managing Anger intervention, but have many other uses.


The price for this amazing course and the resources is only £275 + VAT. 

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