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The Root Of It Journey

Driven by desire to help people


After recognising the long waiting lists for mental support services in schools, Richard pulls together The Root of It team of specialists to make the help accessible for children in need.


The award aims to celebrate and recognise the good practises in education systems.

The first training course is introduced

This training programme equips support staff in primary or secondary schools with knowledge to assess and effectively address the socio-emotional needs of children.


The Mentoring School offers a suite of courses, helping leaders to gain confidence and competence in mentoring. Many of these courses have received qualifications.


The Mental Health and Wellbeing Awards are presented to schools, organisations and individuals who relentlessly work toward making an impact in their field. The award symbolises hard work and heart-felt devotion to increase the wellbeing of others.


As a response to the impact that the pandemic left on people's career and wellbeing, the Skills for Progress offers variety of training courses.

In 2020 The Root of It are brought in as experts by the Department of Education to support the creation of the statutory Relationships (Sex) and Health curriculum, including a focus on mental health.


The Root of It establishes ta network for school and college based mental health leads in order to support the professionals in their role. Sponsored by the Department for Education the Root of It provides the training of Senior Mental Health Leads.

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