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Courses for educators

Learn to address social, emotional and mental health difficulties that cause behaviour problems. 

The Root Of It train primary school teachers, teaching assistants, ELSAs, learning mentors and school-based staff to build their knowledge and competence in their workplace.

After taking our courses you will:  

  • have more impact on the people you are working with 

  • be able to tackle social, emotional and mental health difficulties in your school

  • ensure that students are making the progress that they should

  • have a positive influence on your staff and colleagues

  • learn and reflect current good practices

As leading specialists in social, emotional and mental health, The Root Of It have developed a range of courses to aide educators in their work. Find the most relevant for you! 



Courses train to assess, plan and deliver interventions for social, emotional and mental health difficulties. Includes an additional module on support after the pandemic lockdown.


The course includes theoretical explanation of anger and practical activities that can be used when working with children who struggle to control their anger. 


 supporting behaviour in the home

The training enables school staff to deliver the six conversational sessions in building parental confidence when it comes to tackling behaviour in the home.

anger management

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