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Mental Health Awareness Programme - Senior Leaders


A national certification programme for senior managers, executives and C-Suite leaders in workplaces to recognise advanced commitment to mental health and wellbeing support

Mental Health Awareness Programme small.

A certified programme to recognise senior staff who are committed to mental health and wellbeing friendly workplaces.

The mental health and wellbeing of our staff has become increasingly higher in the agenda over the past few years. Having an impact on engagement, satisfaction, turnover and retention of staff, making sure that you need to lead your organisation in a mental health friendly way.

From a leadership perspective, the needs of your staff have changed enormously and the way you lead your organisation is very different than even a few years ago.

Maybe you have signed up to a mental health charter, or rolled out mental health first aid training.

However, there is very little support available for those at the top of the organisation tree.

And that is why we developed the Mental Health Awareness Programme - Senior Leaders, not to teach you how to support your staff, but to help you meet your organisation's objectives whilst also ensuring the wellbeing needs of the staff are in place.

Delivered over the course of a year, this Programme is designed to allow you to develop your organisation's strategic direction.

This programme is delivered to teams at a single organisation, we recommend at least one from each department (or equivalent), or the programme be delivered to key staff in each department. This approach allows the Programme to be tailored to your needs.

Without taking away from any knowledge your teams may already have, the discussion based programme is designed to help identify and begin to implement your strategy, covering:

  • Setting your strategy

  • Auditing and action planning

  • Leadership in mental health

  • Ethos

  • Values and Beliefs

  • Reactions to mental health difficulties & unconscious bias

  • Workplace wellbeing

  • Common mental health difficulties

Each module is delivered through discussion-based activities, leading onto actions related to your setting. There are then follow-up activities for your staff to do between the Programme days to ensure there is immediate impact.

In addition, participants choose 2 modules to self-study to develop the knowledge and skills relevant to their role:

  • Multi-team working

  • Voice of staff

  • Support for staff

  • Disabilities and medical conditions

  • Mental health difficulties

  • Mental wellbeing

The Programme costs £1,700 + VAT per person, with a minimum group of 5. It is ideal for those organisation who recognise they need a consistent strategy for mental health and wellbeing.

To find out how this programme fits in with your needs, please contact the Programme Director, Richard Curtis on 07938 329314 or

Who is it aimed at?

The Programme is aimed at senior managers, executives and C-Suite leaders.


Tailoring the Programme to your needs


The Programme consists of core modules everyone is required to complete, but this is complemented by self-study and workplace activities that you select for your role.  This means the Programme can be customised to meet the needs of your role and your workplace.

In-person route

Four full days over a year, follow-up homework and self-studied units.

If you have any questions about what this course could mean for you, or would like to book, please contact the Programme Director, Richard Curtis on or 07938 329314.

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